Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Hoppy Easter

Yeah, I'm cheesy, deal with it.

First things first and then my story. My brother and his girlfriend of 3 years are ENGAGED!!! I am so excited for them and all I keep saying is that I've always wanted a sister. Now I have to admit that she has come along at the perfect time because I had a hard enough time sharing with just one sibling as a kid... 2 would have been a little much, haha. Anyways, I am beyond excited for them and just have love pouring out of my heart. I hope they don't get too fed up with me being so excited! Here they are:

Ok, so here is a little story that I have heard 5 or 6 times now recently....

Apparently when my brother and I were in college, (he's 3 years younger but 2 years different in school) we woke up early, ahem I mean, I woke up early on Easter to find all the Easter eggs before him. Now tell me, anyone who knows me knows that I will sleep in all day if I was allowed. I love to sleep so much that I almost didn't believe this story was true... but then I started to remember.

I did get up, but it wasn't extra early. My brother just didn't come downstairs right away... so I peeked.
and peeked
and peeked all around the house
and found the eggs
all of them.
all of those glorious little sugar filled treasures.... mmmh

So, when he finally came down and my parents said we could look for them, I found them all rather quickly. (Mind you, the entire time I was giggling to myself )
"Mit" gave up and just waited until I finished finding all the eggs and sat there with a sour look on his face.

Well. Whadya expect? I like surprises, I was up and he wasn't, I got excited! He always used to beat me. How do you think it feels loosing to your little brother. Not good I tell you, not good.

When I had realized all of this had actually happened I went out and bought Easter eggs and candy to make it up to him. (this is now present day) This Easter, when he was able to come up to the burbs after work, we did an egg hunt for Mit, his fiance "Akiko" and her sister (insert cute nickname here: _______ (ill come up with one later)). My parents and I laughed and watched as these 3 grown kids ran around the living and dining room. Mit pulled a Hulk a few times and physically lifted large pieces of furniture to find things quicker. This amused me greatly but not so much my Mother who just kept saying his name with a bit of amusement/annoyance/worry in her tone.

Fun was had by all, and I have officially made up for the time I stole all the Easter eggs.