Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hey Shorty!

Before I begin, I'd like to comment that I've had two helpings of coffee already today including a quad venti non-fat carmel latte with whip and drizzle (ultimate fav) and a medium black coffee. I feel nothing extra special but a little tired. How can this be? Come ON caffeine, work your magic on me!!!

This post is titled "Hey Shorty" because I have a bone to pick. When I went to Dunkin Donuts today to get my coffee, I had a rather unpleasant experience. I wasn't ready to order yet so I stood pretty far back from the counter. I was clearly on my phone asking a co-worker what kind of bagel she wanted. Both employees behind the counter repeatedly asked me what I wanted. First, I worked in that type of environment and I know that what they did is completely inappropriate. Second, IM ON MY PHONE!!! Third, I stepped away from the counter, far away, so that it was clear that I was not trying to place my order.
Moving on, when I finally got up to the counter, both short little ladies just glared at me. I said "hello, im ready to order now" in the most polite tone I could muster. The one says "waddya want" in a tiny quiet yet somehow rude voice. I asked for two bagels toasted with cream cheese and she walked away. The other one goes (with disdain dripping off every word) "whad didsha ged"? This little one was not quiet and I couldnt even tell if she was talking to me or the other person. I answered her so as not to be rude and she replied "anithing elsh?" so I said, "yes please, I would like a medium cup of black coffee" and she said "anithing elsh?" so I said, "just the coffee, thank you" and she replied "anithing elsh?!?!?" so at this point I said "NO THANK YOU" rather loud. She slammed my coffee down on the counter and took my money. She provided no receipt and didn't say another word.
Now, I would like to know what I did to so severely tick these women off that they felt the need to behave that way. I did everything I thought I could to be respectful. Moving away from the counter until I was ready to order, speaking clearly about what I wanted, having my money ready, being as polite as possible, etc.
I'm 5'9". I'm no giant but I'm certainly not short. I appreciate my height but I have to say, I never notice that people are short unless they have a chip on their shoulder about it. My advice, quit being angry about being short. You have one life, and one body. Love yourself, make yourself the best version of who you can be and LIVE. Brush that chip off your shoulder and the with the weight lifted, maybe you'll feel a little taller.

On-wards and Up-wards...

I have pictures to share because I had a great time last Saturday with my Momma up in Lake Geneva. I really needed to get away but I think she did too. We hung out and went out for dinner and shopped a little. It was such a nice respite from all the craziness that's been going on lately.
Here is a little photo story:

This is the Lodge we stayed at

This is Sunday morning when we stopped at Covenant Harbor to buy some Maple Syrup but they were all sold out!

The blue chords are running from tree to tree collecting sap and letting gravity carry the sap down the hill!

That's sap from the maple trees!

Official greeters at Cov Harbor!

Me and my Momma. This picture is pretty indicative of our weekend. Me being being cheesy and mom laughing at me.

Loved it.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Faith, Hope, and Love

Lately my life seems to be all black and white. Anyone who knows me well knows that I live in the gray.

When I live in the gray, I can fly by the seat of my pants. I make light commitments so that if I can't handle something or I need desperately to do something else, I can. It helps me to feel free and not confined to expectations or limits.

Now that I've been living in the black and white, I'm finding it isn't as horrible as I thought and I can schedule some free time *which, to me, feels like the epitome of an oxymoron*. Some of the b&w has been thrust upon me and is not in my control. One of the biggest things for me is family and friends going through big life changes *marriage, babies, houses, moving...etc*. I've been feeling un-needed lately. I do need to mention though that I don't feel un-wanted. I can see and feel my family and friends making efforts to keep me involved in their lives and I love and appreciate that more than I can express.

I've got some big things coming up. Life changing decisions and I pray for the strength to meet them head on and power through. I get stopped up when I need to make big decisions because I wait and wait for someone to help me decide. At some point i'll learn and be comfortable in the fact that I only need God and my own instincts, and that both are trustworthy.

Here's to living in the black and white and gray.

Monday, March 8, 2010


These are the kinds of calls I get on a daily basis:

Me: Member Services, this is Kate, how can I help you?

Lady: Hi, I went to a meeting and my husband and I went to the same meeting and I went to the meeting and I need my certificate because I went to the meeting and I need to know how many credits I earned from the meeting because I went with my husband in 2005 and he went to the meeting too.

Me: Ok, do you need a copy of your certificate showing how many credits you earned at the meeting?

Lady: Well, I went to the meeting with my husband and I need to do my certification so I need to know how many credits I got from the meeting.

Me: Alright, we can send you a copy of your certificate from the meeting showing how many credits you earned, but it costs $15 for the reprint

Lady: Well I went to the meeting and I earned the credits and I need to know how many credits I got at the meeting and so does my husband. I am trying to do my certification so I need to know my credits, can I look it up online?

Me: Unfortunately we don't have a section on our website that shows how many credits you earned. I can look you up in the database and confirm whether or not you attended the meeting, or I can take your credit card information to have a certificate resent to you.

Lady: Well, no, I went to the meeting and I need to know how many credits I have from the meeting that I went to with my husband so I can, um, so I can, um, so I can do my certification.

Me: I understand what you are looking for, at this point your options are that I could confirm you attended over the phone for free or you can pay $15 to receive your credit information

Lady: No, no its free, I already paid for it.

Me: I'm sorry paid for what?

Lady : The certificate, the meeting.... I went to the meeting and I did the stuff so I could get the credits in 2005

Me: Yes ma'am, I understand you attended the meeting. Would you like to purchase a copy of your certificate that shows how many credits you earned?

Lady: No, I already have enough credits anyways, I was just wondering how many I had.


Me: (under my breath) Thanks for calling have a nice day.

(completely futile, since she has already hung up on me)

Now, hang up and repeat approx 40 times a day. On a good day.
I would just like to comment that I am not a jerk. I know she didn't want to pay for her credits. But, I have no authority to send them to her for free. There is nothing else I could have done for her and in all fairness, if you lost a certificate from 2005 whos fault is that? not mine.

Grumpy here. Justified? Maybe.
Wish I was doing something much more fun? Yes.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Today I received an email from the Spark Ventures staff with pictures of the new curtains that Hope Ministries was able to buy. These curtains are especially special to me because I was able to donate all the money for them! Last summer when I visited Zambia and Hope Ministries, I felt called to donate the money for the curtains and I had a little extra money that I had saved from selling jewelry for my trip. It fills my heart with joy to see and share these pictures with you:

(sidenote, im done with the coffee review, if i find something amazing, ill let you know.)