Sunday, December 26, 2010

just call me Cookie

Grandma does! Every year growing up Grandma C has made the traditional Christmas cookies. As most of you have experienced, one taste of a loved ones baked goods will transport you right back to the magical joy you experienced as a child at Christmas. Since Grandma has come here the last two years, we have started a little tradition of our own where we make cookies together. I love our time together and we usually end up eating some dough and giggling along the way. This year we finished our cookie time by making spritz cookies!

Grandma C and "Cookie" in our matching aprons! LOVE her TONS!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Peppermint Choc-oooh-latte! Yum!

I walked over to Sbux today and got an Americano. The chick in front of me ordered a peppermint mocha. I should preface this story by mentioning that I used to work at Sbux and spent some of my free time on my shifts creating masterpieces via steamed milk and flavored syrup.
I was quite tempted to butt in and give her my recomendation (which I usually have to stop myself from doing when I'm in line at that particular coffee dispensary) but I have you all instead so I'll share with you how to make that holiday favorite better.
**Disclaimer** this recommendation is not for the faint of heart or one who doesn't thoroughly enjoy coffee/espresso

Next time you frequent your local sbux try this out for a holiday drink that will keep you going long enough to get ALL your shopping done!

Triple Grande
Peppermint Mocha
With whip
and an extra pump of peppermint.

The soy makes this drink so hearty you will feel like you should be out in the forest cutting down trees! It really is so delicious though. The extra shot lets you still be able to taste the espresso flavor over the chocolate and peppermint. And the extra peppermint really just adds the kick that makes it the perfect holiday treat!
If anyone does decide to try it, let me know!

Side note, unrelated to the above note, don't be like me and eat an entire bag of Ghiradelli Dark Chocolate with carmel center Chocolates. It hurts your tummy, and its stupid to eat that much candy at once. If you have more self restraint than I in regards to chocolate, PROPS to you but I wont be buying anymore of those anytime soon. And if I do, I'm asking my roommate to hide them! You never set out to eat the whole bag but when they're sitting there staring at you, you start thinking... one more? eh, yeah just one more. Ok, last one, one more. Ie-yie-yie : )
Delicious. Aka, Guilt.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Deck the halls (aka apartment)

It seems in the movies people are always complaining about the holidays. I don't really understand this. I love the holidays. I am so blessed to have wonderful family and friends and I genuinely look forward to spending time with them at the random get-togethers and holiday celebrations through out November and December.
This year I went and got a tree all by myself! As I was decorating, I ate a few candy canes, lit a few candles and sung all the parts of Christmas carols that I could remember acapella. I'm guessing my neighbor upstairs was probably pretty curious about the commotion, I don't sing quietly, haha!
Here are some pics:

More pics soon!