Tuesday, June 22, 2010

We're workin, we're movin'...

we're in the zone, we're groovin!

Since October, I've been working with my personal trainer. As an update to my loyal readers, i'd like to share my progress with you!
I had been at a plateau for about 2 months, loosing one or two lbs at at time (which drove me nuts). However, in the last month, I dropped nearly 10 lbs! woo hoo!

Here you can see the progress...

(these are from last summer)

(john and kari's wedding)

here are some from the halfway point (near christmas)

(i cant be blamed for the bill cosby sweater, we had an Ugly Sweater Christmas party)

and here are some of the most recent pics of me...

(andra and I at libertyville days)

(i found this sign in memphis, it's my birthday)

(uberstein in Vegas!)

So far I believe the grand total of weight loss is 34lbs! I've got a ways to go but now I'm even more motivated!

In other news, I'm getting very excited for Tim and Ali's wedding in August and for Kirsten to have her baby (it's a girl!!) in August as well. It will be a great month!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Never Ever

Never ever have I felt so alone
even though I am surrounded

Never ever have I felt this numb
even though everything hurts

I want to sleep
but it brings me no rest

I want to laugh
but I know it will make me cry

I only held her once
it was too soon to say goodbye

She looked just like a baby doll
dressed up in Sunday best

Our precious little baby girl
too early laid to rest

Mia you are sorely missed
the joy you brought was pure

You're resting in our fathers arms
of this we can be sure

Baby, you're no longer here on earth
realizing that is hard

These broken hearts will someday heal
but there will always be a Mia sized scar

Peace and comfort to the Reblin and Salegio family. My heart is broken for you.