Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ring, Ding, Dong....

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Ring-a-ring, ding, ding, dong
So much of my life lately revolves around ringing.
Ears ringing
I've been sick for a few days now and its about the point where I start getting stir crazy. I cant sit on the couch anymore. I can not watch another episode of Everybody Loves Raymond. There is a huge part of me that wants to get up and run around and work out and go to work (eep! yes, I actually want to go to work!!!). I know I need to be patient and if I rush the recovery, it will be a longer one than if I am patient and take good care of myself. I know there are others that are hurting more, much more than I am right now, and I am praying for them and thinking of them when I get frustrated with my own current limitations.
Phone ringing
I've been staying at my parents house these last few days. I have to say, this place is like a hotline! Between the cell phones and the house phone, it seems like they're on the phone more than off. They're both so cordial and patient and many times they really do want to be talking to the person who calls. Its just odd to be here and see how many calls a night they take because foolishly, I forget how busy both of them are. I love my parents so much and I look up to them on a daily basis.
Another phone ringing that I am not missing right now is my phone at work. In the last 2 weeks we had training at my office and only half our team was on the phones. In one day I had 141 calls through my phone. Tell me that's not exhausting both mentally and physically. Its nice to have some time away, but knowing that the craziness is over now, I am itching to be answering the phone or emails or something.... "Member Services, this is Kate, how may I help you?"....
Doorbell ringing
Talk about embarrassing... I had to answer the door yesterday. I really thank the UPS man who was subject to my germs. He was so kind and cordial. When the doorbell rang yesterday afternoon, I really contemplated not answering it. I was looking and feeling nasty. Details aside, I wouldn't have wanted to see anyone, much less a stranger who has no idea that this is not always how I look, ha ha. I made my way to the door and squeaked out a "hi". He asked me to sign for a package and I asked him if he could hold the device for me that you need to sign. I explained I didn't want to get germs all over it and he said "aww, no worries, if you saw the back of the truck, you'd know why I don't care about germs one bit!" As I attempted to laugh without coughing, and managed a "thank you" in a voice I didn't recognize, I began to wonder. I know, I know it is highly unlikely but is it too much to hope that the delivery guy meant that the back of the truck is repeatedly sprayed with Lysol every 30 seconds? Therefore, he would have no reason to be worried about germs?
Its good that I was sick, and home at my parents place because it turned out to be an important package. That needed to be signed for.

I'm out for now. Much love to all my friends and family!

Friday, January 22, 2010

baby hats

McDonalds, medium, black 5 of 10

First, to clarify, the beginning of each post contains my morning coffee and its rating. I won't comment on it any further unless anyone has questions

Ok, baby hats. I love making them. Not only do I love them because they're adorable, i love them because they are a quick and love filled project. I can knit a baby hat in an hour or so maybe 2 depending on the hat. When I knit them, I like to pray for the baby that will wear it. I pray that they will grow up strong and healthy and that their parents can have patience when they're tired. I pray for so many other things, but mostly that the baby will be safe and healthy.
These are pictures of friends babies that i have made hats for recently

This baby belongs to 2 of my very good friends, she is adorable and sweet!

This sweet little one is my cousins neice. I am so excited to meet her and take some pictures of my own! Precious!!!

I have to say when I see these hats (that are full of prayers and hope) on these babies heads, it makes me so happy and full of joy!

I hope to be making more hats soon!

Friday, January 15, 2010

You can take my windsheild wiper....

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I got out to my car this morning and someone had taken my windsheild wiper off my car and laid it on the hood. They left the wiper arm sticking straight in the air.
So many things ran through my head, first being "am i being watched right now?" This tends to be my first reaction to things that are odd. I figure, if i did something that weird to someone i would want to sit and watch them to see their reaction.
I couldn't see anyone watching me (which doesn't mean much) so i swore under my breath and began trying to fix it.
I sat in my car for a moment and put my boots on since i was in heels and i hate nothing more than getting snow on the inside of my shoes.
So i bumbled around back outside my car and i began examining this detached wiper. I started to get really really annoyed because this stranger called me out. I have no idea how to put this wiper back on. I fail the wiper challenge. Then, i became indignant. "I can fix this, its not a big deal, i will win (against who? I don't know. the wiper blade.... the stranger (idiot))" So i spend a good 5 minutes turning the blade over and trying to push it gingerly back onto this naked windshield wiper arm coming off my car. I didn't think it was broken and i was becoming later and later for work by the minute. I remembered that my brother "Mit" hadn't left for work yet so I made a road side assistance call to his cell.
I stood outside the running car for a few moments and tried desperately to fix it on my own so I wouldnt look like a fool when he got there. As he came tromping across the street and smiled at me, i gave up. We laughed about how ridiculous the whole thing was.

**sidenote**this whole time by the way, im sneakly looking up and in windows to see if im being watched. why am I being sneaky you ask? Pshh, because if i catch someone watching me ill know who did this! Though as I say that, i recognize that they could just be watching me becuase this entire thing is ridiculous and entertaining... but NEVER THE LESS they could be the cluprit!! and then ill get them.*** end sidenote***

So, Mit literally popped the wiper right back on and showed me how to do it in the future. I had been attempting to put it back on upsidedown and kind of backwards. (it was logical to me but apparently not as easy as how it was actually made to snap on) I thanked Mit and wished him a good day and hopped back into my poor assaulted car. My wipers back on, and the heat blaring I made a quick call to work before I hit the gas. (I always wonder if they think im making up outlandish stories to cover something boring, like my alarm not going off, but this kind of stuff seems to happen to me alot!)
As I drove along listening to "hey there delilah" on the radio, I began musing about a few things:
1. I could have got to work without my wiper but it may have been dangerous since it had started to snow
2. What possible reason would someone have for doing some thing that stupid? Here are my suspicions:
- someone thought it was their own car and started to switch their wiper blades, then realizing it wasn't their car, got embarrased and walked away
-someone started stealing it and a cop drove by so they left it
-someone thought it would be a funny prank because they were drunk or just plain stupid
-someone started stealing it, planning to take both, and then realized that I only have one good wiper and the other one is a piece of junk so they left it (which would be awesome because then I would benefit from being cheap)

This is all I've come up with. I'm more annoyed that Ill never get an answer than I am that it happened. But, if I ever do find out who did it, I am going to demand $15 for compensation for making me late for work.

Hopefully this will be a fun weekend!

me and Mit

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Mmmh music

McDonalds medium black coffee 6 of 10
I love guitar music. Live, acoustic guitar music. I had a horrible day at work yesterday. Without divulging too much, ill just say that I got so fed up I actually cried (which I don't do at work. Don't).
Anyways, I got home to find my cousin "Sir-sings-alot", his friend "Sir-sleeps-on-the-couch-alot", my brother "Mit" and his girlfriend "Akiko" all sitting in the living room. Sir-sings-alot was bustin out a song on his guitar about my boyfriend "Crotchety Old Man", whom he thought was coming in the door with me, but he wasn't. So, I cracked up laughing, and when Sir-sings-alot realized I was alone, he started singing about me instead. Though everyone was laughing and being raoucus and funny, I took his lyrics to heart because they were sweet and honest. I love my family and last night was one of the best nights I've had with my roommates in a long time. It was just what I needed after a long horrible day at work.

Crotchety Old Man showed up later in the evening with pizza (eep! dont tell my personal trainer!) because I decided that I could cheat on my diet for one evening of blissfull, cheesey pizza.

It was a good night. : )

Monday, January 11, 2010

Why photos?

McDonalds, Medium black coffee 6 of 10

I love taking pictures. I think its mostly because I love to have physical things help me hang on to memories. You can look at a picture and remember exactly what you were doing and who was there. The picture can capture your feelings or even show feelings you didn't realize you had.
Somehow when you see something so beautiful and you can't have it or take it or touch it, if you take a picture of it, you can. Like a gorgeous flower or a beautiful sunset. You can't go around grabbing peoples flowers out of their yards but you can stop and take a beautiful picture of it. This is a flower I saw when I was out taking pictures one day. The colors were so warm and beautiful and soft. I imagined that the flower smelled like cotton candy and the perfectly sweet perfume that I am constantly on the hunt for. Though it did smell delicious, it was nothing like I imagined, but when I look at this picture, it smells like cotton candy.
To top it off, each picture is like its own little time capsule. It holds everything in the moment the shutter snapped. The exact millisecond. Like an old journal, when you flip back through old entries or pictures you're immediately there... sometimes, so strongly that you feel the emotions again: laughter, tears, joy, excitement, infatuation, relief or peace.
I adore old pictures and I treasure what they do for me. I can meet or get to know my ancestors or those who were taken from us too early. Some of my favorites are from my childhood, things i dont even really remember but love that I did.

I used to think that photography was a cheaters form of art. There is no paint, no clay, no pencil... but when i started to get into it, i realized it is grounded, organic, essential art. You have to have an eye for photography and understand your camera. You have to understand lighting and shutter speeds, movement and color.
I need to learn more.
Here are some of my favorites...

More to come, you know i couldn't just pick 5 but for now, they will do

Friday, January 8, 2010

Ugh, snow

This morning: McDonalds, Medium black 6 of 10

Usually, I love the snow. It makes everything more beautiful. It covers any blemishes on trees or houses or roads and makes everything looks clean and artistic. A photographers dream!

Today, I'm angry about snow. Both yesterday and today I got faked out by the forecasters. I was lead to believe that it would snow enough that we might get a "Snow DAY" off from work. Well THAT didn't happen. I'm at work, and I'm not happy about it.

In other news, I had a wonderful time hanging out with a couple of my Mrs. friends (they're married) last night. I've decided for now not to use peoples real names. You'll meet all of them as we go along. For now, i'll dub them SeƱora Sangria and Mrs. Monet (she likes to paint!)
Anyways, I adore these ladies. Every time I am around them, I'm reminded who I am, and who I am in relation to others. They both love on everyone they come in contact with and are supportive and funny. They made my day (and my week) much better than it was.
Never underestimate the importance of good friends, and don't take them for granted because sometimes they move away and then you're left with the foundation you created when you were together. If you don't create a strong foundation when you have a chance to, it's easier to crumble under the pressure of long distance.

Enough for today. Hopefully this weekend brings joy and relaxation.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not new but not familiar

This morning: Starbucks, Grande, black Pikes Place 7 of 10

It's been quite some time since I've had a current and updated blog. My plan for this one is to share with you all the things I'm passionate about and of course my daily musings on random things.
Sometimes i'll be funny, sometimes I won't but I will be honest.
I'll share with you my photography and whatever else pops in my head.
Best Wishes and thanks for reading!!!