Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Inspiration 2011 continues

Today instead of fitness inspiration, I thought I'd bring some kindness inspiration!

This morning I read a friends facebook comment that wondered if postal workers were allowed to accept home made goodies in lieu of all the hard work they do. I thought, what a great idea! Though a large part of me thought... I don't have time to make cookies, I've got other stuff to do! I didn't think much more of it.

Later in the day, I finished a babysitting job, and picked up my friend Nina and we headed to the lake. The forecasters have predicted the blizzard of 2011 is happening tonight so we figured we would go check out the waves. After the adventure of finally getting all the way out there, we found that you couldn't even see the lake when you were standing right in front of it. So, we took a few pictures and headed back.

We stopped for a quick bite to eat and since the storm was picking up even more, I figured I should go get some groceries. So I headed to jewel to pick up some essentials for weathering a storm. Fresh fruits and veggies, good hearty soup and of course, hot chocolate! When I returned home I noticed that a street light was down on the corner and being the adventure lover/ding-a-ling that I am, I decided to walk the two blocks down the street and take pictures of it! I left the groceries in the car and headed for the corner.

As I made my way back to my car to get my groceries and head inside, I started realizing just how cold it was! I had water dripping off my face from the melted snow that was pelting me as I walked into the wind that made my eyes water and I couldn't feel any of it because my face was numb!
I grabbed my bags and headed inside when I noticed someone on the corner. It was 6:45 and our mail lady was still out delivering mail! What a day she must have had! I started thinking back to this morning and whether or not postal workers were allowed to accept food or beverages. I started to run down the block. (Which is quite a work out in boots, with wind blowing in your face and 4 very heavy bags in your hands.) I made it in the door, took off my boots and raced to the kitchen to make some hot chocolate! I happened to have some styrofoam cups in the pantry and so I ran back outside just in time to catch our mail lady across the street. I waited for her by the side walk and when she came out I yelled "I made you some hot chocolate" and she yelled back "hallelujah!" I told her I made it just the right temperature so she could chug it. I also said "Thank you for what you do. You are appreciated." I couldn't think of anything else to say and it was freeeeeeeeeeezing so I smiled, she said thank you and I waved and started to run back across the street. She yelled out "Its delicious!" and I gave her a thumbs up! My mail lady made my day! Knowing that I might have made her smile or feel appreciated makes me feel blessed : )