Thursday, September 30, 2010


So little to tell, so much time to tell it. Strike that, reverse it

Here are a few of the German Fest photos I promised. I realized as I got into the project that I didn't have photos from every year like I thought. Bummer! But, still fun.

Cousin Britt
'08 '09'10

Cousin Matt
'05'08 '09'10

Boy-ance Kevin

Brother : )

'05 '08'09


'08 '09'10

Moving right along, I'm beginning to think that this time of year is my turning point. Last year as NP homecoming festivities began, I was meeting with my personal trainer for the first time. I was so sore after the work out that as we went around visiting other cousin's and family members homes, I had to take extra time to walk up and down the stairs. Each person's home we visited lived on the 2nd floor or above. Gotta love Chicago! As I look back on that weekend and see how far I've come it still doesn't phase me. I can see the physical difference in myself when I look in the mirror, but I'm starting to feel like the few years in between (when I looked how I should and when I weighed too much) just didn't happen. I'd kind of like to take those years, wipe them clean and re-do them. But, once again, I wouldn't be the person I am now with out them.
So its a year later and you're wondering, what do you mean turning point, whats going on this year? (ok maybe you didn't think that, but I'm leading you there...) It's back to homecoming weekend. I'm 54 lbs lighter than last year and have officially lost 20 inches over all. This alone should give me a new lease on life but that's not all. I lost my job yesterday. I'm choosing to see this as an opportunity rather than a hurdle. I'm looking forward to finding a job that doesn't make me sick to my stomach when I think about going in on Monday morning. Oh the opportunities that await!
So for now, I'm looking back and looking forward. Gaining strength from where I've been and facing the future with trepidation and anticipation. Most important though, I'm looking up. Lord lead me!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Epic Fail

So I left you all waiting and waiting and waiting for those german fest pics and never posted them. Unfortunatley, I can't help that right now but instead, here are a few pics from downtown the other night! I'll get the g-fest ones up soon!

da bean

I'm sorry, is this Chicago or Gotham city?

thoroughly enjoyed sitting down by the water

Last but not least, the harvest moon.
No that is not a speck on your screen, that little white dot under the moon is Jupiter. Awesome.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Tonight is the long awaited German Fest !!!
I have attended this odd little version of NPU homecoming + beer for the last 8 years (only missing one, for being in Sweden and we made a point to go to "Oktoberfest" in Norway even though it was nothing like germanfest, it took away a little of the sting of missing it!)
Today I thought it would be funny to find all my old pictures from German Fest and do a little collage of pics through the years. There are certain people that I'm pretty sure I've seen almost every year that I've been there.
As I got all excited about this new photo project I realized that I have to go back and find all these photos... and I'm not sure where they are.
So, on Sunday or Monday, after 2 nights of Germanfest and hanging with my long lost friends and relatives (who only manage to make it out when some sort of liquor is involved, just kidding! ) I will find said pictures and post them here as a little trip down G-fest lane.

Are you as excited as me? : )

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

There's something fishy going on...

I was running a little late for lunch today. Trying to get some things tied up before I took my break.

I ended up running (walking slowly) over to Wendy's next door. On the way I thoroughly enjoyed the sunshine, fresh air, and brisk temperature. I walked along thinking how nice it was outside.

When I arrived at Wendy's, two polite gentleman held the door for me as I walked in (thank you very much) and there was no line so I was able to order right away. Lunch began so well!

With a little bounce in my step I walked back to the office. Went in the front door, said hello to the receptionist (who was opening a package of some beautiful flowers), and turned down the hall towards the kitchen where my lunch buddies awaited my return.

The moment I stepped in the kitchen, everything changed.

My nose was abruptly and violently OFFENDED! Apparently, just moments before I had arrived back to the office, SOMEONE had decided to warm up the STINKiest fish I have ever had the dis-pleasure of smelling. Oh good grief, the smell was so strong, so pungent and over bearing that I considered finding said offender and sneezing in their food so they could be as upset as me. How could you RUIN my lunch like that? You know its bad when you breathe a smell and you can taste it. Now im destined to spend the rest of the day with this nasty fish odor in a cloud around me because my sweater thought it would be funny to grab the smell and take it with us as we left the kitchen.

Dear Co-Worker,

Shame on you. Eat your fish at home.

Thank you.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Upside down or RIGHT side up?

As the years go by, lately even months or weeks, things seem to be changing so fast

Not little things, big things

And I've taken a lot for granted
because things came easy

But now they're not so easy
and I'm trying to figure it all out

By myself

Which is kind of really neat
and kind of scary

Mostly, I miss all my friends
and being in community with people who get me

I have so much to be JOYFUL about!
but once in a while

I let all the swirling whirling _____
overwhelm me. I allow it

Because sometimes you have to feel it even if you don't want to

Today I'm: confused, EXCITED, scared, tired, annoyed, THRILLED, amused, frustrated and BLESSED!