Sunday, December 26, 2010

just call me Cookie

Grandma does! Every year growing up Grandma C has made the traditional Christmas cookies. As most of you have experienced, one taste of a loved ones baked goods will transport you right back to the magical joy you experienced as a child at Christmas. Since Grandma has come here the last two years, we have started a little tradition of our own where we make cookies together. I love our time together and we usually end up eating some dough and giggling along the way. This year we finished our cookie time by making spritz cookies!

Grandma C and "Cookie" in our matching aprons! LOVE her TONS!


  1. kate this is darling. and your cookies turned out beautiful :)

  2. this is adorable! and it's so true - homemade cookies are often the most delicious/comforting/wonderful presents ever. (i made my brother "star wars" gingerbread cookies for christmas this year - his favorite cookie plus favorite thing ever. it was a great success! :P)